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Welcome to this strange place ! Where you can find cool servers from prelude to C3. Retail clients forget about Interlude or H5
Most of servers listed here are provided and managed by us.

We call ourselves classic but this is total different from what you could saw before on NCsoft , or any private project that copies ncsoft classic just because of recent interest most of them included new ncsoft team do not have interest or knowledge about old L2.

we have a long experience with low chronicles since 2011 with our first project prelude open beta server , and with the time we discovered many things about how it was exactly back in 2002/2006 and how Ncsoft wanted to make it thanks to our research on L2off files , players information , old website archive , and even direct talk with original Lineage II developers.

Server list Choose chronicle :

Opening date : 28/12/2017 OPENING PENDING...

Alpha - Chronicle 3 : Rise of darkness

Rates : X2 - Kind : Retail - Help : Farm Buffs . Regeneration. - Dualbox : no

Opening date : 25/12/2014 LIVE!

Beta - Chronicle 3 : Rise of darkness

Rates : X12 - Kind : - Help : Prophet Buffs. Regeneration - Dualbox : no

Webpage Forum
Opening date : **/**/2018

World - Chronicle 1 : Harbingers of wars

Rates : X2 - Kind : Retail - Help : Farm Buffs. Regeneration - Dualbox : no

Webpage Forum

Server news

Welcome to the new website15-09-2017

As you can se we changed the design and added new functions to the website because we are a community now, our old server "" now will be know as "Beta". If you check "server list" tab , you will see that we have more than one server , "Alpha" will be the new C3 project. The new c3 server will be similar than old one but with every old issue fixed , with some new features and a lot of technical improvements like multi html , proxy auth , quest item drop rate increased ...

Check the new website features like: advertise, to win event tokens by invite friends here , game panel where in a future you will be able to change characters parameters such as proffesion , race , pk. and a lot of things that i will implement with the time


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