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Lineage 2 C1 World online 8 / 01 / 2013, Είναι ανοικτό!! Πληροφορίες για τον server.

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Posted 06 March 2013 - 09:33 AM

Πως να ξεκινήσεις να παίζεις ?
1. Κατέβασε το client + patch (Εάν έχετε το client απλώς κατεβάστε το μόνο το patch)

2. Δημιούργησε λογαριασμό
http://world.lineage...ccount (Πρόσεχε! Οι γρήγορες κινήσεις ή πακέτα που στέλνετε μπορεί να φάτε ban)

Πως μπορείτε να μας βοηθήσετε
Vote , πείτε το σε φίλους σας , μπείτε στο facebook και κάντε like , μεταφράστε topics όπως αυτό εδώ και δημιουργήστε topics στην δικιά σας γλώσσα!

O server ξεκίνησε να λειτουργεί : 08 / 01 / 2013 at 13:51 esp timezone.

Που είναι όλα τα topics του 2011 / 2012 ? o server έκλεισε και αποφάσισα να τον ξανά ανοίξω από το 0 ?

Server Features:

-Skills lvl 58 max like in C1
-Npc : change class items and SS hight prices. [in npc premium leather smith. located in all Towns warehouses]
-Offline trade: start a store and write .offline (default 1 hour) to add more time , use item named "Key of Thief". Every use of this item adds 1 extra hour to offline time up to 24 hours
-Premiun item X2 exp X2 % drop . 10 combat Hours
-Auto soulshot spiritshots you need to delete one of them and they will turn auto.
-Dedicated server. 8GB ram x2 hdd 700GB CPU Dualcorex64
in Germany

Old features:
-Manor manager [trade basic materials with him]
-Trade = global chat
-Heavy class can buy anti-daggers clothes
-Party more players = more exp like in oficial - Limitation party members from the same IP 3 members max
-More online inserver = more exp. lottery ticked have surprise
-Pets soulshot : buy soulshot nograde. place in your inventory a pet with weapon will auto-use soulshots
-Summoners soulshot: Buy Beast soulshot. place in your iventory and your summon will auto-use (not undead, phanthers , mecha golems)

-Npc buffer in churst (temples) = prophet buffs
-All Characters will have premium item first Month. [x2 exp during 10 combat hours ]

*why those temporal thinks ? because start all players from 0 could be hard without a little of help.

exp 8 sp 8 adena 8 drop 8 spoil 8

Quest rates exp
OneTime quest = very hight
Repeatable quest = hight

-Orcs improve: warriors more str + con. shamans more wit
-archers fixed critical hits
-daggers fixed
-sleep fixed
-Summoners "beast soulshot" . Pets "soulshot no grade" they auto use it from player inventory

-Guides about quest .
-server drop.
-game mods
Εάν θέλετε ποστάρετε οδηγούς , τύπους, ή αλλά!

New user cp:
-raid boss status
-top pvp - pk
-casttle status

Paypal μέθοδος
-Premium item 10 COLS [X2 exp X2 % drop. 10 combat Hours [1 week aprox]]
-Strider: 35 CoL
-Rename char: 10 CoL [support server and get 2? chance]
-Lvl 1-45 + C grade = 30 CoL [To pro players who want fast pvp get started]
-Clan lvl 5: 10CoL
-150 AA [Extra buffs 1AA each Dances/Songs] 10CoL

*Στείλτε pm σε εμένα με την απόδειξη της δωρεάς και το πράγμα που θέλετε!
* 1CoL = 0,5 €
* No B grade , no wyverms , no blesed scroll as players request , think that donators mantain the server i dont hidde the donation rewards , i will not acept any request not listed here

#Περισσότερα donation systems#


Εσύ απλά μου στέλνεις το pin της κάρτας

* 1CoL = 0,6 € 10CoL 6€ 15% increase

SMS [παγκόσμιο]
* 1CoL = 0,7 € +40% increase
Δεν είναι έτοιμο!

Rapipago / Dinerofacil [Argentina-mexico-chile]
* 1CoL = 0,5 €
Δεν είναι έτοιμο!
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Posted 01 August 2014 - 12:41 AM

I cant change to 1st class . lvl 20 dwarven figther try to change in scaveger , i choise raider and i have buy the quest clas items but
server is stuck dont accept me .
i make 3 relogin i delete the quest class items and i buy new but i have the same problem .
Plz restart the server is crash and they dont work the quest .

Mt character is : besybest 20lvl dwarven figthers

in cp panel they show me as human , is this logic ?


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